Friday, September 25, 2009

Wake Up Album of Today

The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow (2003)

So I ran into an issue finding a pic for the album....I have this on vinyl (as usual) and the only pic I could find of my cover was of a poster...maybe I have a special release...I don't know. Anyway, my LP cover is the one with the pink guy on the front....not the gray rhino thing LOL.

So onto the music. This album has gotten me through MANY baking marathons, on vinyl and mp3! Just a great follow up album to their debut, "Oh, Inverted World". I have always been a lover of The Shins, but REALLY got the addiction after watching "Garden State", which was written, directed and starred Zach Braff....what a cutie LOL. Natalie Portman, also in "Garden State" is a self proclaimed lover of The Shins...pretty cool when Padme Amidala approves.

As a writer of poetry and prose The Shins inspire me to keep on keepin' on with my crazy thoughts...Check out some of their lyrics...such beautiful arrangement of art there is postive and negative space...the rule of thirds etc. and I believe the same rules exist in the placement of words and the arrangement of lines in music...The Shins exlempify this.

I don't really want to choose favorite tracks from this album because I see the creation more as a whole....but....I will say this "Pink Bullets" is a song I have sang to my kids to put them to sleep and I have the undying urge to make Bob (hubby) play that guitar part for me repeatedly LOL. Check out the video for this song too...very awesome!

Pink Bullets

another good chill...

Those To Come

Those To Come lyrics - Read them they are beautifully arranged :)

So thanks for sharing my wake up album with me today! I love music and I love vinyl! Please comment and share! Have a great day and let the music carry you!