Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going to the Show.....

So on Tuesday January 13th I sat, credit card in hand, infront of my computer waiting for 12Noon to roll around. The Dead tickets were going on pre-sale and I wanted them bad. It took me an hour....and a little heartache...but I GOT TICKETS! So Bob and Bonnie are back on tour LOL...May 2nd 2009, the patchwork and tie-dye, the dancing in the streets, the being with the people that "get it man" haha....anyway....

I found this list on the MTV newsroom site...Check it out...kinda funny

10 reasons why 2009 is really the year of The Dead

1. Due to the recession, LSD prices have fallen to pre-1965 levels!
2. More Dead dates means Bob Weir has less time to dedicate to RatDog, which is certainly a good thing.
3. It’s your chance to finally hear Uncle John’s Band, only made up of guys who are more than likely great-grandfathers at this point.
4. If they play “Blues for Allah,” there is a 50 percent chance the Department of Homeland Security will storm the stage.
5. Hemp clothing is finally socially acceptable. Actually, wait, no it’s not.
6. The prospect of the Dead and Phish co-headlining Bonnaroo might cause the world to explode due to “vibe-age.”
7. You can actually hear “Shakedown Street” while standing on Shakedown Street. Or maybe that’s just the drugs talking.
8. Wake of the Flood now eerily prescient.
9. Given the plunge in gas prices, truckin’ up to Buffalo now surprisingly affordable.
10. My Morning Jacket’s last album kinda sucked.


bohemeanne said...

Got a giggle, needed one!

Jeanne Selep said...

Ok, if you love the dead that much, then maybe you would love my peace sign cards on Etsy. (www.jselep.etsy.com) I personally could never get away to a concert with 4 kids at home. Who's going to watch 4 kids? Enjoy the concert.